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Number 6 2017/08/21

Film Booklets

So, the gazette gives you basic info. What if you need the names of actors, director etc.? You could look at old magazine issues. They review films and do have some more info. What if you want all the info about all films? For that you need film booklets.

I don't mean the 5-10 paisa pamphlets I used to buy in my childhood. What you need is the publicity film booklets. These were used by the distributors, the premier attendees and so on.

Har Mandir Singh got the booklets or the information therein from various sources the main ones being the NFAI, Poona,  a booklet seller in Indore and another one from Bombay. Many individuals also contributed.

During the preparation of my book on Indurani, I asked Har Mandir to send me copies of all the booklets for Indurani's films. He was generous and I used the material liberally in my book. Here is a sample. As you can see, it has a lot of valuable information.

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