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N S Vishwanath, a fellow RMIMer came to see me and I gave him copies of all my Hindi films on a hard disk. He gave them to one of hiss friends Sheo Khetan.

One fine day, Sheo informed me that he has copies of all my movies and he would like to do a project based on them. I ignored his request because most of my projects are very labor-intensive and people don't want to do them.  He did not give up, so I requested him to capture photos of all the named actors, and the ones that had a speaking part and even animals. Our hope is to publish a massive album of all the actors who ever worked in Hindi films, to 1960 at least for now. He finished his first book on the cast of Hindi films from 1933 to 1937 in January 2019, he has since published 6, I am working on the 7th and he is working on the 8th!

Yesterday, we decided to put the pdfs of all his books free on my website, they will remain available as paperback print editions also, see the Published Books page.

Here is the first one

011-hindi films cast photos vol1.pdf

Now You Know!


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