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I moved to San Diego in 1998. My guru, mentor and friend Prof Raj Kumar Pathria had moved there to be near his son and two daughters. We had dinners in each other's houses, discussed everything under the Sun, but he never mentioned that Indurani, a star of the early era of Hindi films lived there! She passed away in 2012. I can only imagine how much information about that period of Hindi cinema I would have gained from her in 14 years we were in the same city!

When he casually mentioned this fact in 2017, I immediately got in touch with her family, interviewed her eldest son, Salim Shah, received full support from her other children, and published her biography.

The whole book may be read here

The above is a screenshot from her first film Sati Savitri (1936, Marathi).

She passed away on February 18, 2012. Her favorite phrase was

"Knowledge is the greatest wealth".

Now You Know!


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