Since 1999

First time I met him was in 2006 when I went to India. I took a cab from BARC (we were staying with Harmesh's sister in one of the BARC residential buildings, went straight to TIFR. He took me to his house where his wife made tea and offered biscuits. He showed me his collection and talked about the Society of Indian Record Collectors.

I bought from him all the books of Michael Kinnear, all the issues of the Record News. He gave me copies of many other books and old catalogs. We spent many hours just talking.

The taxi was waiting, we drove right back to BARC.

I was a very happy man, having met such a nice person and having gained so much rare material without making much effort.

We emailed each other, kept exchanging books, magazines and songs. He kept sending me more info about the activities of SIRC in different cities.

Next time, I met him when he came To San Diego. ...


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