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Fellow veteran RMIMer Abhay Jain is from Indore, read more about him here

Abhay Jain, an Audio-Restoration Fanatic

Among other things, he watches movies and writes down interesting information. Many people do, but he is a fanatic like me. He watched almost 4,000 songs from Hindi films (1961-1970) and wrote down who was singing on-screen, and, in many cases, who was present in the background. He was kind enough to share his spreadsheet with me. He must have spent months preparing it, I am grateful to him for sharing it.

I compared my spreadsheet with his. We agreed 99.9% of the time. This was a very useful check on my work. In a few places, I found new information in his work, and, also, I caught some of my mistakes.

I appreciate the hard work he did and the fact that he shared it with me. We need more people like him!

Here he is with Shamshad Begum when he interviewed her for his Radio Program

Now You Know!

New11 Court Dancer (1941)

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