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This Hindi film appears to be a dubbed version of the Telugu film Veer Abhimanyu (1965). In the Hindi version, there are 6 songs of which 4 are available in the video. With help from friends like UVR, I have been able to identify many actors. However, these three remain unknown to me.

Please help me identify them.

The first two are singing the song, Chhaliyaa Kapatee Gopiyon Waale Aa Re. NT Ramarao is onscreen as Krishna.

Let us call them Female 1 and Female 2.


 This one is a maid or friend of Uttara played by Kaanchanaa, who is singing the song, Kisne Chhoo Liyaa Naaazuk Tan Haaye Raam.

Let us call her Female 3.

Please help me know!


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