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Some time ago, Abhay Indori posted on the RMIM group a video having this label and the song
More Aanganaa Men Toraa Kiyaa Kaam by Miss Sheeela.
Soon many of us started seeing posts on WhatsApp, Facebook and elsewhere about this song, saying that this was recorded in 1883!
That number 1833 is NOT the year of the recording, in fact the date/year was not written on the 78s until the late sixties.
As any reputable site (eg Wikipedia or the Yale University Music Library) can tell you that it is the Matrix or the Master number of the record.
In fact, there is a hint about the year in the words, Electric Sound System, at the bottom. Before 1925 was the Acoustic Era where the artists spoke or sang into the acoustic horn familiar from old gramophone machines. After that they used a microphone.
Knowledgeable people tell me that Miss Sheela sang in the late 30s or early 40.

The Song

Narsingh 786

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