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Notionpress has started to charge a fee for putting my books on and for sale.

However, I have a solution.


When I wrote my first book after retirement, on Edwina Violette, I knew that traditional publishers won't touch it with a 10 foot pole. So I found Print On Demand offered by Amazon for international editions. For India Pavan Jha suggested

After I published another 10-15 books, people in India asked if the books could be sold via Amazon India and Flipkart. I looked around and found that notionpress would do it for free. That lasted for another 30-35 books. Recently they started charging Rs 3,000 per book for this service.

Once again I looked around and found that both Amazon India and Flipkart allow me to sell my books through them directly, if I become a seller.

So now, Surjit Singh, who has been a writer, editor, graphic designer, cover designer, desktop publisher, will also become a small scale internet book seller!

It will take some to set it up and test, but all my books will be available on my stores on and in due time.


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