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In Munimji (1955) there is a song, 'Dil Kee Umangen Hain Javaan' in which Pran is heard singing a few lines as a bad singer. The 78 rpm record N51466 has the name 'Thakur' as the singer for these lines. The rest of the song is by Geeta Dutt and Hemant. Until recently it was believed that Pran himself was the singer of those lines.

In the latest issue of Listeners' Bulletin, Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz' has revealed that there was an actual person named Thakur. His full name is Thakurbhai Bhikubhai Desai (1923-2010). He is the one who snag this song. Since he was working in the Police Dept, he did not want to use his full name.

Full story may be read in the LB issue of December 2022.


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