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I had always thought that there was only one actress of that name in Hindi films. The singer with the same name, I thought was different. Yesterday when Vibhenu asked about the singer on the RMIM group, Shefali Gandhi mentioned that the Sabita Chatterjee from Parivar (1956) looked different from Miss Marina in the song from 12 O'Clock. Much discussion went on and many photos were posted. The final conclusion was that the one in Parivar (1956) acted only in that film. It was a different one who acted in many other films. Finally Arunkumar Deshmukh reminded us of an old post of M N Sardana on Facebbok (from 2014) making the same assertions.

I have added  a comment on the Database Website. Here the two ladies.

In Parivar (1956), thanks Pavan Jha.


 In 12 O'Clock, thanks Upendra Samaranayake.


 Now You Know!

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