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When the reward program was announced in 2001, not many songs or films were there on the internet. Not too many books had been written.

Now there are a ton of Rafi songs available everywhere and hundreds of books listing Hindi film songs have been written.

Therefore the 2001 reward program is ended.

I am announcing a new Rafi Reward Program.

If you believe that you have found an unknown Rafi song, send me its information, i e, film/nonfilm, co-singers, lyricists, music directors, record numbers, as much info as you have. If I find the song listed anywhere in any book, magazine, newspaper, article, thesis, internet website, I will send you the proof that it is a known song, and you get my thanks.

If I cannot find it listed anywhere, then please send me the song in a reasonable quality. I will have it examined by RMIM experts, and, if they agree that Rafi's voice is in the song, you will get my thanks and the reward. I reserve the right to put the song and the whole story on my website and on Facebook.

Rafi from Filmfare 1954.

Now You Know!

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