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On Aug 2, 2001, I made this post on the Classic RMIM group.


Hi RMIMers:

As many of you know, I am much interested in the history of Hindi Film Music. I would like to do as much as I can to learn more about it and preserve this priceless heritage.

One of my most favorite singers, Rafi has seemingly sung 25,000 songs. However, all the researchers so far seem to have missed more than 80% of these.

For example, I have two books on Rafi (both bearing unmistakeable imprint of Geet Kosh) and they give the number of his songs as approximately 4,525. Both of these books list the first lines of the songs, movie name, year of the certificate, music director, lyricist and co-singer (if any). For very few songs they do not have complete information. It is possible that all the books missed 1% of his songs. So, an estimate of the total might be 4,570.

As a person who is a music lover, a Rafi fan and eager to help research, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. Some of you may say that I have put my foot in my mouth. Be that as it may, I declare the following:

If you have in your possession songs that are not listed in any of the compilations, please come forward. Send me a recording of such a Rafi song and documentary proof that Rafi indeed sang the song in question.  If you meet the above two conditions (namely, produce a recording of a song not in any Rafi book compilation and documentary proof that Rafi sang it), I promise to pay you as follows:

For new song numbers 1-10 $1 each
For new song numbers 11-20 $2 each
For new song numbers 21-30 $5 each
For new song numbers 31-40 $10 each
For new song numbers 41-50 $20 each

Of course, the song and the documentary proof become my sole property. Also, I will pay for a song only once, to the first claimant!
Surjit Singh, a diehard movie fan(atic), period.

PS: I urge all fans of lata, asha, mahendra kapoor, sonu niigam etc. to put their money where their mouth is!



Somehow this news was picked up by the Indian newspapers.





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