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I knew that Dara Singh's first Hindi film is Pehli Jhalak (1954), but recently many news portals mentioned Sangdil (1952) as his first film. Of course, Wikipedia and IMDB say the same. I know that these two are full of errors and ignored them. However, when I found the same information in a news item in a 184-year old Times of India, I thought perhaps I am wrong.

So, I watched  and enjoyed Sangdil (1952) again but could not find Dara Singh. Being puzzled I asked about it on RMIM. Very quickly Syed Zafar Shah replied that they are confusing it with Sangdil (1967)!

Lesson learned again, do consult the internet, but verify it even if the info is from very old and prestigious newspaper!

Anyway, in his autobiography he states that he was in a film from Madras and Pehli Jhalak in 1954, his first acting jobs.


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