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As told by Edwina Violette to me:

  1. Saroj later became a legendary choreographer.

  2. P L Raj was mainly a choreographer.

  3. Dancer Aruna is different from the actress Aruna Irani.

  4. Dancer Bhagwan is different from the famous actor Bhagwan.

  5. Thinker and Bobby are brother and sister, respectively.

  6. Harbans, also known as Harbans Papay, has been honored with the Uttar Pradesh Ratan Award.

  7. Background dancer Sitara and the famous dancer-actress Sitara Devi are different.

  8. Suresh is also known as Suresh Bhatt who became a choreographer.

  9. Nimmi the background dancer is different from the famous actress Nimmi.

  10. Vishwas (1969) was dedicated to Herman Benjamin.

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