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About background dancers, as told by Edwina Violette.

  1. Manjula and Leela are sisters.

  2. Willie later became a choreographer after being assistant to Robert Master

  3. Frank Alphonso is Pamela’s husband.

  4. Nanette and Myrna Waters are sisters.

  5. Sonnu is Terence’s brother-in-law.

  6. June the background dancers is different from June Maxwell the junior artist.

  7. Pamela and Edu had their first born in 1961, the second one too in 1963. They even wore similar maternity outfits, made by the same tailor in Mumbai with pride being such good friends.

  8. Sylvia is Pamela’s younger sister.

  9. Edu’s husband Keith worked in only one film Do Ustad (1959)

  10. Dancers were paid Rs 26 and a quarter per daily.

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