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People who have been reading my posts for a while already know this, but it is worth repeating for newcomers. If you have wondered how I know about all these background dancers, here is the story, again.

After I published the biography of Edwina Violette, I realized that she must know about her co-dancers. So, I  requested my friend Narsingh D Agnish to watch all the more than 100 videos in which Edwina had appeared and capture still images of her co-dancers. He painstakingly captured almost 1,000 images, of which about 500 were selected to be sent to Edu by email. She responded promptly, identifying most of them and writing little notes about them in the bargain! The three of us then published this little book about them.


What I am doing is picking these dancers one at a time and putting up one or two photos in my Daily Musings. You can just buy the book and learn about all of them in one go :)

And if you want to praise somebody about telling you about these dancers, it is not me but Narsingh and Edu who deserve all the praise; I just came up with the idea!

In Baat Ek Raat Ki (1962) song, 'Akela Hoon Men', Dorothy, Ramesh, Unknown, Edu (Dev in front).

In Juari (1968) Dance before the song 'Main Hoon Badnam', Edu, Shashi Kapoor, Unknown, Willie, Joyce, Mohan, Dorothy.



Now You Know!

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