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Ever since I saw Pyasa (1957) in the late 60s, I have wanted to know the name of the actress on whom the song 'Aj Sajan Mohe Ang Laga Lo' was picturized.
When I received my copy of the Hindi Film Geet Kosh Vol 3 in 1980, I checked the cast. I knew all the females except Maya Das and Ashita. But which one?
Then the internet came and I learned from my RMIMer friends how Maya Das looked like. So I wrote down Ashita (?) next to the song in my copy of the Geet Kosh.
Then I discovered many blogs. Among them is the blog of the world famous Indian writer Madhulika Liddle!
Many film personalities and their relatives wrote very interesting comments on her blog.

Madhulika Liddle Blog

In one of them, Shilpi Bose, daughter of Tarun Bose, wrote thus; it is worth quoting in full:

"I do not know why but you Madhu evoke the child in me but at the same time make me feel old. If you are wondering, Now What? Well when I saw the post I was gleefully rubbing my hands, you know like a child eager to please her teacher with the correct answer, but then I am as usual late here, I was deep into my latest post on my father, digging up some old and probably rare photos taken by my father while location shooting. So most of the answers have been given by your readers.
You make me feel old when you say, but that song is not that popular and I think, ‘Hey wait a minute it was on the radio a through out the day everyday’ and then I just give myself a shake and admonish myself and say,’Wait a minute she belongs to a different generation.’ So I guess I cannot blame you. I also cannot blame you for not recognizing Jeevankala, a very well-known dancer of our childhood days.
Since nobody has been able to identify the actress lip-synching to Aaj Sajan Mohe, well here is a short introduction to her. I do not know her full name but I used to here her friends who also happened to be my mum’s friends refer to her as Ashita. She was married to Daljeet who acted in Dekh Kabira Roya, he was one of the the three male leads along with Anoop Kumar and Jawahar Kaul, Master Satyajit of Auraag and Hare Ram Hare Krishna fame is their son, one of her daughter’s Satyjit’s sister is married to Puneet Issar.
Going through the comments I noticed a mention of Tarla. Tarla is Tarla Mehta. She is Dina Pathak’s sister and Ratna and Supriya Pathak’s aunt.
Incidentally Surekha Pandit is actor Badri Prasad’s daughter, He was I think also a choreographer earlier, he acted as Zaheeda’s grandfather in Anokhi Raat.
Ok after this long sermon or is it a thesis I do not have the energy to put my choice of songs, I have to go back to my post.
Yes before I forget a wonderful post and a wonderful effort- Shilpi"

It is Ashita, QED.


Now You Know!

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