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Two more artists identified in the Naya Daur song, ye desh hai veer javaanon kaa. Big thanks to Gabbah Shareef Bhalwan and his YouTube channel.

Naya Daur Song

He writes,

"This is one of the first bhangra scenes captured on film, from the 1957 movie Naya Daur. The video features Ustad Bhanna Ram playing dhol, and dancers Balbir Singh Sekhon and Manohar Deepak. Bhanna Ram was born in 1910 in Sheikhupura, Punjab (current day Pakistan) and learned dhol from Janab Mohammad Ali. Bhanna Ram is thought to be one of the 3 dhol masters from the pre-partition era, the other 2 being Ghuggi and Munshi Ram. [Gibb] Some things of note: 1) The use of sapp/kato: There's some debate as to when the use of kato and sapp was introduced to 'bhangra', so this video places that around 1955-56 at the latest. 2) 'Pagg' styles: It is quite apparent that the dominant style of pagg in this video is sialkoti gol pagg. Similarly, the dancers in other early videos like Jagte Raho also tie this type of pagg. It raises an interesting question since modern day bhangra is almost exclusively performed with a 'turla-tedi pagg'. Was bhangra traditionally performed with this type of pagg, or was it just the preferred method of Manohar Deepak's group? 3) Flips/Acrobatics: The flips and acrobatics may seem a little odd given the modern sense that they are inappropriate for bhangra. However, considering the baazigar background of Bhanna Ram, it is not surprising that they would infuse the dance with elements from that community. (note: it's obvious that the audio doesn't exactly sync with the video from watching Bhanna Ram strike the dhol. However, this is how it was recorded in the actual movie and is not a result of the youtube upload)"

I will add the names Ustad Bhanna Ram and Balbir Singh Sekhon to the list. I already had Manohar Deepak and Chaand Usmaanee.

Now You Know!

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