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At the age of 13, Surinder Kaur went to Lahore radio station so that they could audition her for singing on radio for childrens' programs. When she stood in front of the mike and sang, the officials were surprised. One of them said, "Her voice is that of a mature singer, we will not use her for kids programs, but will use her for folk songs." That day she became a radio singer. For her first recording, she was paid Rs 25. That amount was huge for her. When her songs were broadcast on radio, the whole family was listening to the program. All of their faces were full of joy. Everybody was hugging here and giving her their blessings.

From the book on her by Nindar Ghugianavi.



 Surinder Kaur, Narinder Kaur, Prakash Kaur (three sisters)

 Dolly Guleria (her daughter), Surinder Kaur, her husband Prof Joginder Sodhi.

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