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I am sure there were shops like this playing radio Ceylon in the late fifties and sixties in every town. We had a few in Maler Kotla and one not far from our house in Ludhiana that we went to. We lived on Shahpur road and there was a famous paan-soda shop on the corner of Karimpura Bazar and Jail Road, not far from where Sahir Ludhianvi was brought up, there is still a Masjid nearby. I went to that shop with my father many times a month to listen to radio and drink lemon soda from bottles with a crinkled neck with a marble.

Here Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz' is being interviewed by Vebhuti Duggal for her Dissertation, 2015 JNU (THE COMMUNITY OF LISTENERS: WRITING A HISTORY OF HINDI FILM


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