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Cover photo from the book by Sudhir Mahadevan.

Before I saw my first film, Shreematiji (1952), I saw bioscope show many times, earliest from 1950-51. The songs played were from Awara (1951). The knobs are used to move the images. The operator would shout Dilli Ka Kutb Minar Dekho, Agre Ka Taj Mahal Dekho etc. He will always show a scantily dressed fat white lady reclining in her bedroom with her fanny covered by a Japanese style folding fan. He would linger on the photo and say, Barah Man Ki Dhoban Dekho! (see the 12 mound washerwoman) Then, mischievously ask, pakkhi kitthe ai (where is the fan?), we all shouted in unison, aanne vaalee thaan te (where the money is)!

 Now You Know!

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