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When I first heard this song from Ek Thi Ladki (1949) on Radio Ceylon on the morning show while going to school in the late fifties I had a vague feeling that I had heard it before. I kept thinking about it and other vague memories came back. I talked to my father, he corroborated and clarified my three vague memories from 1950.

1. Lots of people and food. He said it was my uncle Amar Singh’s wedding in Patiala in the middle of 1950 and, of course, there were people and good food.

2. Plastic duck laying eggs. He said that he had bought this for me and it dispensed candy eggs when pressed in the middle. He would refill it when I was not looking. I was surprised as to how it could keep laying eggs, so I broke it open to find nothing.

3. Lara Lappa. He said it was very popular and was playing everywhere, and, definitely during the wedding all day!

Of course, being just 3 years old, I had no idea about films, singers, music, etc. But I do remember that I liked it and also sang along without understanding much of it.

Lata Didi and I go way back.

Now You Know!


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