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Typical exchange in RMIM in July 1995.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Vijay Kumar) wrote:
>       Did Suraiya ever feature opposite Saigal? When? Any information
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Vijay

Ashok replies:

Parwaana ('47) has songs by Saigal and Suraiya; good presumption that
they were the lead pair. :))  Judging from the year, must be one of the
last films of KLS, if not *the* last.  Musically, Parwaana is one of KLS's
best.  MD was Khurshid Anwar and lyrics were by DN Madhok.  The songs I
know from the film are:

He lists the songs without citing any source and asks

I have a question to RMIMers:  Is Khurshid Anwar a woman or it's just
that Khurshid is an androgynous name?


At that point I jump in and add

From Surjit Singh:
Khursheed Anwar - Music Director of Parwaana
A Brief Life Story

He started his career as the Producer-in-charge of the music division
of the All India Radio. His first film was the Panjabi film "Kudmai"
released in 1941. Actors in this film were Jagdish Sethi, Waasti,
Jeewan, Radharani, Ram Avatar etc. His first Hindi film was "Ishara"
(1943), lyrics by D. N. Madhok. Popular songs from this movie are

Panghat pe muraliya baje - Surayya
Shabnam kyon neer bahaye - Gauhar Sultana
Dil deke dagha nahin dena - Vatsala Kumathekar

Some of his other Hindi films are

Parakh - 1944 (with Saraswati Devi)
Yateem - 1945 (with K. Dutta)
Aaj Aur Kal - 1947
Pagdandi - 1947

Parwaana - 1947

which was the last movie in which K. L. Saigal acted, as a
married man who falls in love with Surayya, the other woman.
Baby Khursheed, later known as Shyama had a small role as
sister. The movie is available from Atlantic Video, Dallas.
One song has been cut from the movie: it is "Sayyan ne ungali
marori re" by Rajkumari.

Singaar - 1949

He got a "Best Music Director" award, my sources are silent on
from whom. Four songs can still be heard:

Dil aane ke dhang nirale hain - Surinder Kaur
Chanda re mein teri gawahi - Surinder Kaur
Naya nainon mein rang - Surayya
Wo din kidhar gaye - Surayya

Nishaana - 1950

had songs by Geeta Roy (Dutt) and Shamshad

Neelampari - 1952

had the popular

Jab tak chamken chand sitare - Geeta and G. M. Durrani
Raat chandani kare ishare - Geeta


After partition, he went to Pakistan like many other good people we
know. Some of his Pakistani movies are

Heer Ranjha
which had the popular Noor Jahan numbers

Jis din se piya dil le gaye (Qateel Shifai)
Ghazab kiya tere wade pe (Daag Dehalawi ?)

He got the awards called the "Hyderali Award" and the "Pride of
Performance Award" from the Pakistani government in 1979.

Died on October 30, 1984 at Lahore, age 70.


Now You Know!

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