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I posted my articles in RMIM like short research notes, with references. After a few of them people asked me about this 'Encyclopedia' I kept talking about. So, I wrote thisnote, my first on the Hindi Film Geet Kosh. After this a lot of people bought the volumes.


Hi fellow RMIM'ers:

After my recent posts, many people have asked for info on
the Encyclopaedia. Actually the info is available in the
wonderful RMIM FAQ, published monthly.

Updated and expanded info is given below.

Unfortunately, these books are not available anywhere except from
the publisher, whose address is given later. However, you can
loan these volumes from the following libraries in US. If you
do not live in these places, you can get them via
Interlibrary loan, from the "suppliers".

UNIV OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN   TX, US                  Supplier
UNIV OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY   CA, US             Supplier
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS   DC, US                      Non-supplier
UNIV OF HAWAII, HAMILTON LIBR   HI, US            Supplier
UNIV OF CHICAGO   IL, US                          Supplier
CENTER FOR RES LIBR   IL, US                      Supplier
UNIV OF ILLINOIS   IL, US                         Supplier
UNIV OF MICHIGAN LIBR   MI, US                    Supplier
DUKE UNIV LIBR   NC, US                           Supplier
NEW YORK PUB LIBR RES LIBR   NY, US               Supplier
SYRACUSE UNIV   NY, US                            Supplier
UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA   PA, US                     Supplier
UNIV OF VIRGINIA   VA, US                         Supplier
UNIV OF WASHINGTON   WA, US                       Supplier
UNIV OF WISCONSIN, MADISON   WI, US               Supplier

The info about the publisher follows:

1. "The Encyclopaedia of Hindi Film Songs"

Volume 1 1931-1940
Volume 2 1941-1950
Volume 3 1951-1960
Volume 4 1961-1970
Volume 5 1971-1980

Volumes 1-4 have been compiled by Mr. Har Mandir Singh "Hamraaz",
and Volume 5 by Mr. Bishwa Nath Chatterjee. All
volumes have been published by (new address)

Mrs. Satinder Kaur (wife of "Hamraaz")
Ratanlal Nagar
KANPUR 208006

Telephone  011-91-512-223210

In about $100 you can the whole set of five volumes
in the super-deluxe editions, air mail postage included.

Most fans of Hindi film music will also enjoy the old and
the recent issues of the

2. "Listener's Bulletin", a monthly 6-page sheet, full of articles on
music people, both famous and not so famous, lists of all kinds,
anniversaries of film people, edited by "Hamraaz" available from
the above address. Annual fee Rs. 15, airmail fee Rs. 5 per issue.
First issue was published in 1971. Old issues are available.

Surjit Singh, a movie fan(atic) period.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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