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Many people came forward to give more information. About Fatty Prasad. Shishir Krishna Sharma wrote,

"...he was born in mhow on 4 april 1907 in a christian family...his real name was george bunyan...he was a law graduate from mumbai university and was introduced in the films by mohan bhavnani, who also gave him this screen name..."

Others posted information about Durga (Prasad) Mota. There is a misconception that he died during riots in Lahore, perhaps due to a book by Isak Mujawar. I had read differently in Filmindia of April 1948. Many people, Sanjeev Tanwar (by email, he also sent another item) and Vivek Kumar who also pointed to a photo by Rashid Ashraf from a book, Mera Shehr Lahore by Yonus Adeeb. 

The urdu page just says that people made fun of him and he did not mind.

Everybody, thanks you very much.

Now You Know!

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