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Like most people I could easily recognize the main dancers, Helen, Bela Bose, Minu Mumtaz, Sheila Vaz (to name a few). But there were many others I could not name, although I saw their names listed as dancers in the movies and in the Hindi Film Geet Kosh, Jeevankala, Heera Sawant, Kanchanmala, Nazi (to name a few). Because of this, my picturization information for many songs was ?, or Nazi?

Then thanks to the internet, I learnt about the work of many bloggers, post-makers and commentators, Arunkumar Deshmukh, MN Sardana, Shishir Krishna Sharma (to name a few). Thanks to their generosity in making rare information and photos available to all, and, after watching the dancers in hundreds of songs, now I can immediately tell (mostly) which dancer it is!

Hats off to such selfless crazy fans of Hindi films!





Now You Know!

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