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I have already written many posts about this topic, but people still keep asking the same old questions, and, rehashing the same half-baked stories.

So, I am gathering all the old posts in one place.

 1. The eldest Kaneez Fatima, married Balsara (not the music director).

2. Altaf, usually a Production Manager, married Kotwal. Here is she in Dil Ki Rani (1947).

3. Of course, Madhubala herself. From a magazine cover.

4. Chanchal, married Prabhakar, and, after his death, Ibrahim. Acted in lots of films.

Here in Jhumroo (1961).

5. Shahida or Leena. Married Vijay Kumar, Johnny Walker's brother. From an article

6. Zahida or Madhur or Ganga. Acted in a few movies. Married Brij Bhushan Mehru, a musician.

She sang a song in Kissa Kursi Ka (1977). Ganga and Leena acted in Hum Do Daku (1967).

Here, from Padosan (1968).

Now You Know!



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