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The relevant sections from the report are reproduced below. It is clear that

1. Rafi is nowhere mentioned.

2. The ban started on AIR on May 4 and Doordarshan on My 5, 1976.

3. Kishore wrote a letter dated June 14, in which he agreed to cooperate, but there is no mention of any apology. [I would love to see the actual letter.]

4. The ban must have been lifted in a few days after this letter.

4. When asked to freeze the sale of his records, Polydor did not commit to do anything, and HMV agreed only to stop recording solo items. As amply shown by KC Pingle, this half-hearted 'ban' was not very effective.

5. In his deposition to the Shah Commission, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting , VC Shukla, excused all his officers and took full blame of the regrettable episode.

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