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I moved to San Diego in 1998, but somehow fate did not want us to meet. I found out about her by chance in 2016. I proposed to write a book on her. Her family must have been skeptical, a retired theoretical physicist (?), what does he know about Hindi film history and about writing books :) But my old pal, Raj Kumar 'Qais' came to the rescue and praised me to the skies. Also, I gave them a copy of my book on Edwina. Phir Kyaa Thaa, they opened up their family history, old pictures, videos. I interviewed the whole family. Here I am in Salim Shah's house interviewing him and enjoying the family's hospitality during January 2017.

The main page of the book on my website is

Indurani Main Page

Here you will find where to buy the book and also find out how ro read it free online.

Now You Know!

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