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I had never seen anything like this in my whole life. This and hundreds of other documents were preserved by the family of Master Ebrahim. I have selected a few for my book.

This is a letter of recommendation for Master Ebrahim from Chandulal Shah after his contract with them ran out. Within months, he was working for the newly opened All India Radio station in Bombay.

It is a historical marvel

Let us take it from the top. You see the note that Maharaja Jamsaheb of Nawanagar is a patron. You may have read about it, here is the proof! Next we have their famous logo, the telegraph phrase “Boxfilm” and the telephone number 60327. They announce (merely five years after the first talkie) that they are high-class sound picture producers. The address is merely Dadar, Bombay, no street name or building name. The letter is neatly typed with the date and document numbered, it begins formally.

Again, in a formal dry prose they tell us that he worked with them for about three years (typical contract length), knew how to play many instruments and worked diligently. After wising him success, Chandulal Shah signs it.

I had been dyeing to see at least one film contract from the 30s, thank you Iqbal Ajmeri for fulfilling my wish.

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