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MN Sardana is very active in the Facebook group, Wo Din Yaad Karo. I found his recent post about misinformation on the internet so interesting that I felt compelled to share it here.

Misinformation on the Internet

I am fully convinced that most of disinformation about films and its people, which off late have been noticed in the articles /posts /various sites of internet have been deliberately created by few miscreants, who get sadistic pleasure by spreading falsehood. In one of the article, which was reproduced in a group,it was mentioned that Mr. Jeetender’s wife Mrs Shobha Sippy is sister of director Mr Ramesh Sippy, which is not a truth. There was a fake video in circulation, which was from Bimal Da’s Devdas accompanied with the audio of a song from Guide to create the confusion in the minds of the gullible public. Late Mr Joginder (Ranga Khush) is being mentioned as Joginder Shelly at the various sites. Interestingly nowhere Mr Joginder s/o Mr N R Shivpuri claimed that he is Joginder Shelly. In fact Mr Joginder Shelly was another person,who also was a film maker. Wikipedia misguide the readers by claiming that Yash Chopra was Uncle (Mama Ji) of Karan Johar. The fact is his mother Mrs Heeroo Johar belongs to Sindhi community and Chopras are Punjabis. It also claim that Yash Johar is brother of I S Johar, which is far from truth. In one of the group an uninformed person posted that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is son of Sound Recordist Mr D O Bhansali (who died recently). It was evident from the quantum of like and ‘Thanks’ in comment column, most of the person believed, what the misguided person had written. There are some ancient falsities which due to ignorance or may be just to show their superior knowledge, surfaces time and again in the face book by persons, like Late Veena Ji was the sister of actor Mr Iftekhar, Madam Nazima is dead (She is alive and Lets wish her long and healthy life), truth about Actor Mr Shyam (Chadha) and Singer /Actor (villain) Sham Kumar, Mr K N Singh married to Actress Praveen Paul (The fact is Mr Singh was married to Chandravati Ji, who passed away, in 1990) and there are many more.

In recent time I have seen many theories about the case of Mr P N Arora and Helen Ji. No doubt, there were financial problems between both. Regarding their relationship, there are many stories, mostly fantasy and imaginary and created by fertile brains of the persons, who have nothing better to do. I will not venture into their personal life, as it will be a deviation from the original topic. In one of the group a lengthy letter purportedly written by Mr Pran that he was approached by Miss Helen to get her out from the clutch of Mr Arora and he saved her. In other group Mr Dilip Kumar was credited for getting the lady in distress out from the mess and he told the mafia lord Karim Lala and the matter was sorted out. There are people who believe that Mr Salim Khan, who use to prefix Prince before his name, intimidated Mr P N Arora. Which story is true or none of the story is true, it is difficult to predict. My request to all esteemed members of the group is, while posting any article or sharing in the group, please do check its authenticity, thoroughly. There can be mistakes, here or there, but by spreading unconfirmed/false information, one loses his credibility.

Wikipedia and IMDb are full of misinformation and inaccuracies.

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