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A friend of mine from another group posted a bio of Gauhar and and a few pictures. One of them was definitely not of Gauhar. It is my thing to point out errors as soon as I notice them. I did so. Actually, I have two things, one, to point out other's errors, two, to flog myself publicly I make a mistake. This post is in the nature of self-flagellation.
So, after a few hours, another friend asked, if not Gauhar, who? I replied Rattan Bai. He said which one. I said Kaarwaan-e-Hayaat wali. Now this friend is a nice guy, so, instead of disputing me publically, he sent a message with the photo in question and pointing out that it was that of Sultana, the eldest daughter of Fatima Begum. Naturally, I asked for his source, he pointed to Wikipedia. I saw the photo there and began to have doubts. The source of Wikipedia turned out to be cineplot and they said it is from my website!
Fully awake now, I searched for Sultana on my website, and there she was! In the Pune collection, brought to you by a dear friend who wishes to remain anonymous. So, not Rattan Bai, but Sultana.

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