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After being sad about the loss of my first website for a few months, I decided to get my own domain name and website. Here is the announcement post made on 8/31/02:

Hi RMIMers:

My new website is

I pay $19.95 a month to get 100 MB disk space. I will definitely need
I also get 25,000 MB transfer per month. I am hoping this will be

The site will have 2 main parts:

In the film part, I will have

    * A photo of Har Mandir Singh "Hamraaz"
    * An audio of an interview he gave to the BBC
    * Greetings and other messages from film people on the publication
of various volumes of Hindi Film Geet Kosh
    * The "old" RMIM FAQ and answers
    * My version of the RMIM FAQ and answers
    * List of books on Hindi films that I have
    * "A Year in Hindi Films" 1931-1949, slightly revised version of
my articles that appeared in RMIM
    * Some other informative articles by me on RMIM
    * List of songs I have
    * List of movies I have
    * Listen to some of the songs from my collection for the purpose
of education, discussion and enjoyment

In the non-film part, I will have

    * Ciities I have lived in
    * Schools I have attended
    * Colleges I have attended
    * My Ph. D. Thesis
    * Jobs I have had
    * List of refereed papers published
    * Books I have published
    * What my students thought of me
    * Citation of my work in important publications
    * Current job

I will be filling it up with stuff gradually. You can find what is new

Surjit Singh, a diehard movie fan(atic), period.

In the true tradition of RMIM, this one did not get a single response!

After putting up worldline and some info about  Har Mandir, I finally posted the first set of songs on Sept 14, 2002 The songs were from the video. Since other websites had songs only from the records, many songs were new. Here are they again

Songs from Devdas 1935

Listen to dd35-01-baalam-aaye

Listen to dd35-02-mat-bhuul

Listen to dd35-03-na-aayaa

Listen to dd35-04-roshan-hai

Listen to dd35-05-chhuute-asiir

Listen to dd35-06-naahiin-aaye

Listen to dd35-07-piyaa-binaa

Listen to dd35-07a-koii-jaabo

Listen to dd35-08-dukh-ke

Listen to dd35-09-naa-piikii

Listen to dd35-10-terii-maut

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