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There was this guy Merwan Sheriar Irani (1894-1969). At age 27, he decided to become Meher Baba. In his later years, he took a vow of silence, which he kept for 44 years! He traveled all over the world and is very famous. In 1938 one of his disciples made this fim, The Perect Man (or Nigaah-e-Kaamil). A trailer of this film was discovered by another disciple of his, Larry Thrasher. Here is his story


This is a rare trailer to a much talked about 1938 Bollywood film directed by an early disciple of Meher Baba, Rustom Irani. Amy and Jangu Irani recently discovered the original trailer in their house in Nasik and had it digitized. This is posted with their kind permission. Rustom Irani, Directed, Produced, Wrote and starred in this film titled 'The Perfect Man'. His film-name is given as Rukesh Ranjit. His co-star (credited as Seeta) was said to be a famous Bollywood starlet at the time, but I have no further information on her. The film had its world premiere in the Circle Theatre in Nasik where Meher Baba, along with many of his disciples attended. I will be working on a version of this trailer with sub-titles and may attempt to deal with the jumpy frames issue. When I was in Nasik last week Jangu showed me two large metal reels that might be the actual entire film! We will be looking into that! Any further history on this film is greatly appreciated!


And here is the link to the trailer

Nigaah-e-Kaamil Trailer

Now You Know!

Panjabi Nikki 1958


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