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An Appeal

In old days in Hindi cinema, in many films the producers used to have the (almost) full cast in the style of Hollywood. Somewhere along the way, we lost this feature. It is a pity because now, even in the films that are available to view, we do not know who is who for so many members of the cast. Even worse, so many names are mentioned again and again in the films and we still don't know how they looked like. Small beginnings have been made in this respect, but much more needs to be done to preserve the memory of those pioneers of the industry, on whose shoulders the current crop of third-rate, ill-talented Bollywood people are minting money. 

Sholay was a very popular film and still remains so. Books have been written on it. Countless academics have written scholarly articles on it. But no one has presented the FULL cast list. Anupama Chopra, who wrote a book, and who has links in the industry should have done it. Well, let us try to do it. I have tried to name as many as I could. Please try to find other names by hook or by crook. We should at least match all the names in the listed cast to their faces.

And this is the 365th (ONE YEAR'S WORTH) MUSING!

Now you know!

Ghazals 3


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