Since 1999

    1. What happens to old site?
      Will be frozen on Sept. 1, 2014
    2. Why?
      It lacked many desirable features.
    3. What features this site has?
      Better search, better material organization, user can post comments and articles and like on Facebook etc.
    4. What are yo going to put on this site?
      Eventually all my videos, audios, books, magazines, photos, newspaper cuttings etc.
    5. How do I search?
      Type something in the box on top right, say kapur and the results are displayed.
    6. How do I find an article?
      Try guessing in which menu it night be. Or click Site Map on top ribbon to see the whole site. Or click All categories to see a list of all the articles.
    7. What if I have suggestions?
      Use Contact Us on top or the Site Master link in the Welcome Message on top right.
    8. Will you reply soon?
      Probably yes; I am retired.
    9. What if I get lost?
      Click Home or look at Beadcrumbs on left bottom to see your where you have been.
    10. Which software are you using?
    11. Why not X, Y or Z?
      I looked at the most popular ones such as Drupal and Wordpress. I liked Joomla.
    12. I don't like the new site, what should I do?
      Give me lots of money. I will hire somebody to keep the old one alive.
    13. The letters are too small, what should I do?
      Press Control and + together a few times.
    14. The letters are too big, what should I do?
      Press Control and - together a few times.
    15. Some parts in the new site don't work. Why?
      Websites are always under construction.
    16. Some parts still look like the old site. Why?
      See 15.
    17. What is the Silent Films section?
      I am working on a database of Indian silent films based on all available material. Hoping to put brief bio and photos of studios and stars. Will be a modern database.
    18. What's that Select Language on top of Welcome Message?
      It is Google Translate thingy. Try Hindi or Russian from the drop-down menu. If you get lost, select the BOLD language (2nd item from top) in the drop-down; that's always English!


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