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Today, Edwina Violette announced the passing of Teresa Unger, another group dancer who was like a sister to her. Here is what I wrote about Teresa and Oscar in my book on Edu:

Teresa and Oscar

Teresa Nazareth was a Goan dancer, 3 years older than Edu. She already knew Terence and Marie. Apparently Teresa and Marie studied in the same school but never got to know each other. They finally got acquainted after joining the film industry. Edu got to know Teresa's mother and younger brother Lionel as well. Ever since she remembers, Teresa was the main bread earner in their house.

Men were very attracted to her because she truly was very attractive with beautiful long hair. Edu used to call her The Elizabeth Taylor of the film industry. They became the closest of friends and stayed the best of friends. Edu used to visit her each time she went to India.

Teresa used to live in Juhu with her husband Oscar Unger, the choreographer. Oscar was first married to Helen’s sister Jenny. After getting divorced from her, he married Teresa. They were married for many years and had no children.

Edu knew Oscar long before he joined the film line. He was going steady with a distant cousin of hers called Solve (pronounced Solway) from Colaba. He used to ask Edu to put in a good word for him with the choreographers. Edu is not used to asking for favors, so she had to let him down. But then he attached himself to Terence. It is during this period that Oscar got to know Helen's sister Jenny. Oscar and Edu also became good friends.

After Edu went to live in the UK, whenever she visited India, Edu used to stay with Oscar and Teresa in their house. At times, even some of Edu's family members stayed with them. Later, Edu got her own property in Naigaon. Oscar came to visit them in the UK and told Edu that he married Jenny for a while and they were doing a Cabaret outside the film line in posh places near Gateway of India.

Both Oscar and Vijay Borade (another choreographer) were Navy boys before they joined the line. Oscar became very ambitious and was well in the swing of things. Later, Teresa became Oscar and Vijay’s Dance Assistant but when Oscar married Teresa, he made her stay at home. Oscar and Teresa would have been very rich if they had played their cards right. They were always helping people financially. He never ever thought about saving for the future. They would not have owned a flat in Juhu if Teresa had not put her foot down and made him buy it from their landlord.


Here are some photos borrowed from various Facebook groups.



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