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With untiring effort, Harish Raghuwanshi (Surat, Phone 91 93747 12322) presented Mukesh Geet Kosh, of his favorite singer Mukesh, by compiling full information ie full lyrics, lyricist, music director, co-singers, record number, special information, etc. of 992 songs available to him at that time, in March 1985, getting which not only produced immense happiness in music lovers, but also it was the first and unique effort to compile the songs of a singer's work that became an example to many others who followed.

During the last 35 years, he has continued his efforts and found 61 more songs of Mukesh in Hindi, Bangla and other languages. By looking at publicity booklets and watching now-available films, getting massive new information about missing stanzas etc, he has now published an expanded and revised edition, with the assistance of Mahesh Kumar Shukla. Even though he has been riddled with many ailments and difficult and adverse family situations, he has once again set an example by publishing the second edition of his pioneering work. This volume will no doubt be very useful to music lovers, particularly to fans of songs sung by Mukesh. The hard-bound book (Hindi, 672 pages, Rs 1,200, postage and handling Rs 150) and is available from the publisher, Mrs Satinder Kaur, with the info given in the image below.

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