Mr. Surinder Dhall, a fellow Panjabi and

Vintage Music Collector, and, Sharer

I first learnt about Mr. Surnider Dhall whn he started contributing to RMIM. Before RMIM, he had been a very active and senior member of the Sangeet Ke Sitare group. I finally met him at the RMIM meet at Ottawa, Canada during July 2004. At that meet, I also met many other people whom I knew only from ther posts. I remember a particular RMIMer who hated RDB with passion!

Of course, like any two Panjabis, within minutes of shaking hands, we started shouting and were arguing as if we had known each other since childhood! Since then, we have kept up our friendship and have been exching movies and songs. Most recently, he send me a CD of rare songs from his vast collection. I will be posting songs from it very soon. His brief bio follows:   


Born in New Delhi, in 1950, Surinder had all his education there. He left India in1976 and travelled to many countries including, Libya, working in various construction companies. In 1980, he immigrated to Canada and was able to set up a real estate business and travelled back and forth between India and Canada. Since 1990, he established a permanent job in the food industry.

Music has been his passion from a young age. His grand-father introduced him to the many genres of the Hindi music. While on his travels he has been able to collect musical material from over 20 different countries. Some examples of this can be seen on his facebook page

Surinder Dhall is in the process of converting his vast collection online to preserve the Hindi film music heritage for coming generations. He belives that everybody should be able to listen to it.

A recent photo

Surinder Dhall

Some photos at the RMIM meet in Ottawa, July 2004


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