My friends

People who have helped me one way or the other

Mr. Arunkumar Deshmukh

A Very Knowledgeable Researcher of Hindi and other Films

I saw his name here and there around 2012 on RMIM, and later on memsaabstory blog and other places. He asked interesting questions and many times answered others' questions. His answers always showed the depth of his knowledge and study. He did not merely state the answer, but often went through a list of commonly accepted ones, detailing problems with them and then, finally, expressing his opinion with authority.

I found him most commonly on Atul's Song a Day blog and we became Facebook friends. He is very well read on the subject of Hindi and Marathi (I am sure a few more!) films and film people. I treat him as an authority on what he writes.

He was born in 1940. He got his Bachelor's in Agriculture, joined Glaxo in 1964 and retired as General Manager (Marketing) in 1998. He did consultancy until 2007 and is currently director in two Pharma companies.

He has been watching films since the early 50s, including the ones from the 30s and 40s. Evey body of his age did that, presumably. What he did different was to write detailed notes about every film he saw in notebooks. Their number has swelled to more than 100!.

The information in his notebooks combined with extensive reading of books he has collected and studying of others' articles has helped him write more that 600 reviews of films and more than 500 articles on the subject. Links to some of these are provided below.

On his retirement day in 1998

Retirement day    

Recent photo


An informal meet of some Regulars on

Atul blog group

From left back row-
Dr Jagdish Bhatt (US), Bharat Upadhyaya (Mumbai), Bakshish Singh (Delhi), Arunkumar Deshmukh

Front row-
Sudhir kapoor(Delhi), Sadanand Kamath (Mumbai) and Mrs. Khyati Bhatt (US)

He lost his wife in 2014. He has two daughters, both married and 4 grandchildren, from whom he learned how to use computers.

Links to some articles by Arunkumar Deshmukh

1. More than 450 articles on

2.Article on the Interview of daughter of Actor Parshuram, on

3. Article on the interview of son of comedian Bhudo Advani, on

4. Article, in 3 parts, on "Same name Confusion" on www.anmol

5. 3 articles on 'Multiple version songs' Marathi to Hindi, Telugu to Hindi and Kannada to Hindi

Many other articles on harveypam.blogspot, Geeta, Sangeet ke sitare etc

Shri Narsingh Agnish

A Fellow Panjabi, Generous Friend and a Music Lover

Almost four years ago to date (September 20, 2004, in fact), I received an email from Narsingh Agnish about buying Geet Kosh volumes. He got them and enjoyed them thoroughly. Also, he found out that one of his favorite songs was from the movie Begunah. When he inquired about getting the song, I introduced him to late Satish Kalra and the rest of the RMIM gang!

(Late) Shri Hem Chandra Jain

A Generous Agra Niwasi and a Music Lover

On the 16th of September Mr. Jain's son, Professor Apurva Jain emailed the sad news that my friend and fellow collector of ancient Hindi songs had passed away on 14th evening. He had sent his last email to me on the 13th 9:05 pm enclosing the latest list of 22 songs that he needed from me. I am still recovering from the shock. I am always listening to songs from the 30s and 40s on my iPod and remembering him.