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Sheo Khetan was born in Sitamarhi, Bihar on July 5 1949. He did his High School from Netarhat School, Ranchi and then did B.Tech. from IIT Kanpur in 1970. He came to Stony Brook, NY in September 1970 and finished MS in Mechanics. He started working in Semiconductor Manufacturing, rising to VP of manufacturing. He finished M.B.A. in Finance from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, in 2005 he had a stroke. It took 6 months to recover and he retired. He was an avid player of Bridge, Tennis, Golf and Ping Pong. He still plays Bridge (some 80-100 deals a week) online.

After retirement he took to watching Indian Movies. He was always a fan of both Indian (filmy) music and movies. The earliest movie he saw was Durgesh Nandini (1956). N S Vishwanath first introduced him to Saigal movie Devdas. Since then he has been watching all available movies

He is still searching for films of Master Vithal and D Bilimoria's movies.

He has been married to Nirmala since 1976 and they have 4 boys and 2 daughters-In-law.

Sons' names are Sanjay, Saurabh, Sameer and Sudhir. The two daughters-in-law are Deepa (Mrs Sanjay) and Sarmili (Mrs Sudhir). He has two grandchildren, Jaiden born in 2014 to Sanjay and Deepa and Shreyashi born in 2017 to Sudhir and Sarmili

I first read about him on Greta's blog. He seemed to be quite knowledgeable about Indian and Pakistani films. Later I learned about his expertise in VHS/VCD restoration. I saw a few samples that he used to distribute as multi-part ISO files. The difference between the quality of the original VHS tapes and his final DVD-quality videos was magical. We became friends and, later, I also contributed a lot of videos that I had from my own collection and the collections of Dr Manohar Lal Kapur and late Amarjit Singh Anand. 

Also I would like to mention here that although I ended up writing the book on Edwina, Tom is the one who actually interviewed her and graciously allowed me to use his material in the book. Thanks Tom!

He posts his videos on YouTube, focussing on early films, for which the copyright has expired. For a while now he has been having problems with his YouTube channels. Here is a statement from his channels.


This channel features films from classic (all public domain) Indian and Pakistani films.

I can prove commercial use rights for all elements of the films. Each film has undergone - on average - 40 hours of heavy editing and restoration. An example:

Please read its Video Information. No video in this channel 'duplicates' or 'reuses' any video found on YouTube or elsewhere. Any copyright claims found in the channel are 'mistaken' and are dealt with. Added value is provided by:

1. Better quality as compared to other similar videos on YouTube

2. Videos at film speed resulting in more natural movement and songs in tune (not a semitone too high, no PAL speedup, unlike other channels)

3. Original aspect ratio (not 'widescreen' as in most other channels)

4. Heavily edited and retimed English translations provided when available

Here is the article about him in the Business Standard


Article in Business Standard Download pdf here


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