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Dr Manohar Lal Kapur

 Dr. Manohar Lal Kapur

A Generous Pathan and Music Lover

20070715: My family and I visited him again this summer and obtained lots of songs, movies and old magazine articles, as usual.  He gave me a mounted 78 record, displayed as below. It is hanging in my home theater room! Thanks, MLK.

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Surender Madani

 Mr. M V Surender

A Saigal Fanatic

On September 1, 2007 somebody who called himself saigalgfan posted the following message on RMIM has been upgraded to include the single largest collection of Saigal songs (168 mp3 files) including movie track versions, lyrics for over 125 songs (iTrans), ready to print bi-lingual Song Book, links to video clips of movie tracks of song sequences, the singer's horoscope and astrological charts, Fans singing Saigal numbers and much more.

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G L Vishwakarma

 Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma

A Vintage Record Collector from Jodhpur


In June 2009 I received an mp3 CD of 187 songs by Khemchand Prakash. The CD was sent to me by Har Mandir Singh who told me that it was put together by Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma of Jodhpur. Shri Vishwakarma believes that Hindi film music (specially the vintage music from 1931-50) is part of artistic heritage and everybody should be able to listen to it. I will be posting songs from the CD soon.

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