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In a recent discussion on a Facebook post, a Marathi friend of mine said thus: "Hindi films used to have 4 Annas booklets....but for Marathi? Never seen one." I was very surprised by that I know that they exist and people who write books on Marathi films have used them. Thanks to Prakash Magdum, Director NFAI, Pune, I have a booklet of Savitri (1936), Marathi. I needed it because Indurani had a dancing role in it and I wanted to verify that for my book on Indurani, which is available worldwide. Presenting here (probably for the first time ever) pages from a Marathi film booklet, so that people who have never seen one can benefit.


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When was the first chaupaayee used in Hindi films? Surely it would be used in the two movies on Tulasida, 1934, 1939. I don't have all the songs. The earliest one I encountered was in Padosi (1941).

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Bharat 56 Lata Vinod

Rekhti was a poetic form in Urdu that focused on women's issues and lives. Now it has survived mostly in wedding songs and the like. Also  in Hindi Cinema:

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