RMIM meet 2017, 6

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Published on Sunday, 07 January 2018 05:15

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Listen to mad_bhare_pavan_mein_jaise_diye_ki_lau_bal_khaaye_re.mp3

Listen to main_gaaooN_tum_so_jaao.mp3

Listen to main_hansooN_ke_ispe_roooN.mp3

Listen to main_tumhaari_raagini_tum_geet_ho.mp3

Listen to mere_Khwaabon_mein_Khayaalon_me_chhupe.mp3

Listen to mere_haal_par_naa_haNso_chaaNd_taaro.mp3

Listen to nai_manzil_nai_raahen_nayaa_hai_meherabaaN_apnaa.mp3

Listen to nanhaa_moraa_Dolay_mori_anganaiyaa.mp3

Listen to neeNd_pari_lori_gaaye.mp3

Listen to nigaahen_naa_phero.mp3

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