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Published on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 04:23


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Listen to Chaudhry 1941 Sajna_tere_bina_ji_naeeyon_Noor_Jahan_music Ghaulam_Haider.mp3

Listen to Chaudhry-1941-Bhala_O_belia_Ghulam_Haider and female_music_Ghulam_Haider.mp3

Listen to Dulla Bhatti 1940-Apni_jan_ke_jan_Umaro_Zia.mp3

Listen to Dulla-Bhatti 1940-Bol_bol_ni_gulele_Umaro_Zia.mp3

Listen to Gwandhi 1939-Ghund_chuk_le_ni_bankiye_Zeenat_Iqbal_begum.mp3

Listen to Mera Mahi 1941 Piplan_naal_pingan_Shamshad_chorus_music_Amir_Ali.mp3

Listen to Mera Mahi 1941-Piya_har_ek_phul_hasda_Umrao_Karan_Diwan_music_Amir_Ali.mp3

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