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RMIM: Minibus

The book has been published. Available on all Amazons, in US RMIM book in US

In India RMIM book in India

RMIM (the Usenet group was started as an Indian Film music group in the Usenet newsgroup style. This was the choice place on the internet where people came to ask questions about Indian (mainly Hindi films). We complied a lyrics book in both English and Hindi, prepared lists of music directors, singers etc. and discussed film music.e posted articles about our favorite and also obscure film personalities.

 The book is now available to read here



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Indurani: An Unsung But Unforgettable Heroine Of The Early Talkies


Apart from the link to Pothi mentioned below, you can als buy from Amazon India and Flipkart. Please follow these links

Amazon India link

 Flipkart link

Errata for the Indurani Book

I am happy to report that my book on Indurani (1922-2012) (Ishrat Jehan Imamuddin) has been published.

How to buy

It is available on Amazon everywhere. In US

Indurani on Amazon US

Similar links can be found on other Amazon sites, type Indurani Surjit Singh in the Search Box

In India, it is best to buy from pothi

Indurani in India


Indurani was a star of stunt and social pictures in the thirties. She was the heroine of more than 20 films from 1935 to 1942. Her heroes were Jayant, Prem Adib and E Billimoria. She co-starred with Sardar Akhtar, Leela Chitnis and Ratanbai. Famous actress Azra's mother Sarojini was her elder sister, who was also an actress.

After describing how actresses entered films and how the studio system worked, the author details the life of this Daryaganj Delhi teenager before, during and after films using interviews with her family members and old magazines like filmindia and film booklets.

The book contains more than 80 illustrations, including posters of films, photos from booklets and photos of her family.

The Foreword to the book was written by Shree Prakash Magdum, Director, National Film Archive of India, Pune.

The first 15 pages can be seen here

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Filmi Titliyan

Filmi Titliyan by Bijli Jampuri

It is in Urdu and was published in Hyderabad in 1945. It gives biographical info of 89 actresses of that period.

Starlets Index

Filmi Titliyan Part A 1945 (pages 1-74)

Filmi Titliyan Part B 1945 (pages 75-146)

Filmi Titliyan Part C 1945 (pages 147-224) 

Here are few details about contents, .

Publisher: Raj Publishing House, Hyderabad, Deccan
Distributor: Veena Book Supply Company, Post Box 36
                 Secunderabad, Deccan.
Issue: March !945
Price: Rs.3

Actresses listed,

1) Urmila Devi
2) Aruna Devi
3) Isha Lata
4) Anjali Devi
5) Indira
6) Anuradha
7) Anees Qatun
8) Uma Shashi
9) Brij Rani
10) Baby Akhtar
11) Begum Para
12) Beena Pali
13) Bharati Devi
14) Pramila
15) Prabha
16) Protimadas Gupta
17) Pushpa Rani
18) Suraiya
19) Jamuna
20) Jaishri
21) Chandra Prabha
22) Chandrakala
23) Husnbanu
24) Khurshid
25) Khurshid Jr.
26) Dyrga Khote
27) Dulari Bai
28) Devika Rani
29) Radha Rani
30) Rajkumari
31) Rajkumari Shukla
32) Ragini
33) Ram Pyari
34) Ramgulari
35) Ratanmala
36) Ramola
37) Rooplekha
38) Rose
39) Romeela
40) Renuks Devi
41) Sadhana Bose
42) Sabita Devi
43) Sitara
44) Sardar Akhtar
45) Sameenaprabha Prohan
46) Swarnalata
47) Sonalini Devi
48) Sunitra
49) Shalini
50) Shanta Apte
51) Shanta Hamblekar
52) Shamim
53) Sobhana Samarth
54) Shusila
55) Shahzadi
56) Sheela
57) Kanta Kumari
58) Kanan Bala
59) Kusum S Deshpande
60) Kalyani
61) Kaushalya
62) Gulab
63) Leela Chitnis
64) Leela Desai
65) Leela Misra
66) Madhuri
67) Maya Banerji
68) Maya Devi
69) Mumtaz Shanti
70) Manorama
71) Menaka Desai
72) Mehtab
73) Maisna
74) Meenakshi
75) Najma
76) Nargis
77) Nirmala
78) Nalini Jaywant
79) Naseem
80) Noorjahan
81) Neena
82) Vasanti
83) Vanmala
84) Veena
85) Veena Kumari
86) Yashodhara Katju

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