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Edwina Illustration Index

Edwina: An Unsung Bollywood Dancer of the Golden Era

Illustration Index

Figure 1: Edu on/in the Moon, image from Greta's blog    3
Figure 2: Azurie, image courtesy of Kaustubh Pingle    16
Figure 3: Edu in 1963, studio photo    23
Figure 4: Edu in 2013    23
Figure 5: Mother Elizabeth, Father John and Edu 1941    24
Figure 6: L to R. Back: Philomena, Terence, Marie; Middle: Father, Neville, Mother, Edu; Front: Cecelia's daughters, Brenda, Maureen, 1952    27
Figure 7: Keith and Edu, wedding day, 1960    31
Figure 8: Keith, Edu, Friend, Patricia (Terence's Daughter), Glynis (Irene's Daughter), Andrea (Marie's Daughter), 1960    32
Figure 9: Keith with daughter Michelle    33
Figure 10: Edu as 'May Queen' about 1963    34
Figure 11: Edu at her parents' graves.    36
Figure 12: Edu and Terence. Brisbane, 1980    37
Figure 13: Teresa, Edu and Pamela, 1989    37
Figure 14: Edu and Marie, 2008    38
Figure 15: Edu's children, Andy, Michelle and Eddie, 1990    38
Figure 16: Edu's sons, Nigel and Andy, 2011    39
Figure 17: Nigel, Tracy and their son James, 1985    39
Figure 18: Keith, Teresa, Shammi Kapoor, Edu    42
Figure 19: Mehmood and siblings    43
Figure 20: Shakila    48
Figure 21: Dedication to Edu    48
Figure 22: Krishan Kumar in the song Hans Ke Na Teer Chalaanaa (Beqasoor, 1950)    50
Figure 23: Cuckoo and Surya Kumar in the song Aree Ho Mohe Chhed Gayaa Singaar (1949)    51
Figure 24: P L Raj (from an article in indianetzone)    52
Figure 25: Herman    52
Figure 26: Edu and Terence in Police (1958)    55
Figure 27: Terence in Janwar (1965)    56
Figure 28: Terence in 2010    56
Figure 29: Philomena in Poonam (1952)    57
Figure 30: Philomena in Taxi Driver (1954)    57
Figure 31: Teresa and Edu    59
Figure 32: Terence and Edu    59
Figure 33: Oscar and Jenny, from the Facebook group THOSE    60
Figure 34: Marie and Edu    61
Figure 35: Shinde    61
Figure 36: Edu and Pamela    62
Figure 37: Saroj Khan in the song Aaiye Meharbaan from Howrah Bridge (1958), courtesy THOSE    63
Figure 38: Edu and Abe Cohn    65
Figure 39: Bhagwan, Ahmed, Helen and Abe    67
Figure 40: Saroj Khan, Tony, Pamela and P L Raj    67
Figure 41: Robert    68
Figure 42: Edu's Hairstyles    72

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