Musical Date with a Decade (1981-1990)

Compiler: Narendra Singh

After the publication of Hindi Film Geet Kosh lovers of Hindi film music have been eagerly waiting for similar books on the later years. I am happy to report that this need has been ably filled by Shri Narendra Singh of Lucknow , now living in New Delhi. The author kindly sent me a copy and I must say that it is a monumental piece of work.

I am sure that in this day and age many people would say that this is not needed because so much information is now readily available on the Internet. Later one can hear the same people bemoaning the fact that much of the information on the Internet is incomplete and erroneous! Therefore there is ample need for this kind of solid work. There are also people who say (myself included) that the quality of music has been going down and nobody cares for the 'modern' music. To them I say that people have been complaining about the quality of music since the early forties when Khazaanchi's music became a hit, so that is nothing new. In any case, de gustibus non disputandum est, or Khyaal apanaa apanaa pasand apanee apanee.

The book obviously required a lot of hard work. It is complied in the style of the previous Geet Koshes. So, there is information about the title, producer, director, cast, songs etc.. The author has introduced many enhancements. He has included information about the video availability, release date, and other info. In the best example set by earlier Koshes, he has wisely left blanks where reliable information is not available.

I can recommend this book very strongly. Here is some information about the book.

Facebook page

Publisher Asha Rani and Ira Singh, New Delhi, India

Size About 900 pages of full size pages, hard cover

Price Rs 2,000 (India), $40 (abroad) including all charges

Author email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell phone number 91 9643287097

Please contact the author for buying the book.

Here are photos of the compiler, title page of the book and a review in the Hindustan Times

Narendra Photo

 Musical title

hindutan times


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