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Platinum Jubilee of Talkies (2006)

Platinum Jubilee of the Hindi Talkie

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Musing 193: Mexican Hat Dance, Bharat 31 Lata Gobindram

This is the earliest adaption of a European tune that I have heard. It is based on El Jarabe Tapatio or Mexican Hat dance, a traditional Mexican tune. This is almost a decade before that Samadhi song or Mangala's Brazilian adaptations.

Listen to 1941_beTee_07_vaasantee_1941 beTee jaag-3-jag-re-ab-to_x_GYaan-datt.mp3

Now you know!

Bharat 31 Lata Gobindram


A Year in Hindi Movies 31-35

A Year in Hindi Movies 1931

The year 1931 will be remembered for the year in which the first Hindi talkie was released. The movie was AALAM AARA with the following "P-stats":

Producer: Imperial Movietone, Bombay Director: Ardeshir M. Irani Music: Pirojshah Mistry Lyricist: unknown Screenplay: A. M. Irani Dialogs: Joseph David

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