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Musing 630: Roberto 112. Nadira Malik

Pakistani actress in Bombay-made film Rang Raliyan (1962)

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Roberto 112

Musing 570: Apna Ghar 1960. pratimaalaa or antyaakshri

I must have read the Kamasutra, even the illustrated one, many times, but never bothered to study the list of 64 arts that a gentleman was supposed to master! Number 29 turned out to be 'pratimaalaa' or, as it says in the explanatory text, antyaakshree!




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Apna Ghar 1960

Musing 584: Narsingh 759. Ek Jhalak 1957. The other Shashi Kapoor!

Mainly mythologicals

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Narsingh 759: Ek Jhalak 1957